Would it be easier...?
Would it be easier if you wrote a note?
Summary: Regas visits the CAG and pops the question.
Date: 57 ACH - 01/09/09
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OOC change - Ship deeded is the Destiny, not the Hera. My bad! (Gen)

You knock on the door to CAGs Quarters.

From CAGs Quarters:


You head towards CAGs Quarters.
CAGs Quarters Genesis - Deck 11
57 ACH 23817 Souls

This is a standard Guest Quarters used for visiting dignitaries, or similar VIPs. It has a double bunk, office style desk and chairs set in an area next to the wireless with a computer sitting on the desk. A small personal head is off the main room and a table circled by couch and chairs mostly dominates the openness of one room, while a bookshelf with various books in it is set into a wall.


Regas enters the CAG's quarters and closes the hatch behind him. "Mind if I come in?" He questions, even if he already is in and has the hatch shut.

Just prior to hearing the knock at the door, Rue had shimmied out of her blue uniform jacket and was eyeing her stomach from a profile view in the dressing mirror she has placed on one wall. Of course, by the time Regas enters, she's turned to face the hatch, looking to see who it is.

Rue says, "Not at all, sir."

Regas notices her stance and the absence of a jacket, not that he seems to mind. It's her off time afterall. Turning his attention elsewhere, he makes a short walk to look at a few things. "Are you comfortable enough? You know that Colonial movers ship had a few things on freight. Maybe you could go over and take a look."

"I'll have a look at the freight," Rue promises, though Regas' first question has her smiling and shaking her head. "I haven't suddenly become fragile… any more than any of us are." She steps after him, watching his gaze as he looks over her things. Most of which are still in a box sitting on the office desk. "You're worried about me. Why?"

Regas straightens some as she comes near. It could be a slight stiffening of his spine and his eyes move to the top of her head and then back to something on the wall. Probably nothing is there. When he speaks again, his voice is a little gruffer, "You're my CAG and one of my top Officers. I worry about all of them."

"Yes, you do," Rue says, nodding her head as she straightens a little herself, but doesn't back up one inch. "Perhaps you're also concerned about the baby," she suggests. "Something is going on. I just wish you'd feel comfortable telling me what it is." Chewing her lip, she backs away then and asks, "Can I get you something to drink? I have water. And also water."

Regas turns then, "Water is fine," he allows a small smile then. "There are alot of things going on, Savannah. You know that as well as I do." Seems he's always talking about the business of the battlestar. "But, I will relent a little and yes, I worry twice for you. Due to the child."

"Have I ever told you that you were a good man?" Rue asks, smiling over her shoulder as she heads over to the desk and pours two glasses of water from a pitcher. Carrying them back, she holds one out for Regas. "Because you are. Don't worry so much. I'm taking care of myself and the child, while doing what duties I'm medically allowed… I even have a date with rather nice gentleman in Medical coming up."

Regas begins to step forward. A little puffing up at her words, some ego boosting never hurts. "A date?" That stops him and then he quickly gets back on his feet, "That's…that's nice..you should get out and enjoy some time relaxing." His hands tuck behind his back as he waits there in the middle of the room.

Sipping her water, Rue carefully watches Regas and his reaction to her news, nodding once as she sets the glass aside. "Well, it's a dinner, anyway. He seems nice." Then she states bluntly, "Tarik, I haven't felt this awkward since high school."

Regas takes another step and reaches for the water on the desk now. Too bad it isn't whiskey as it goes down like it should be. Hard. When he's done, he sets the glass down. "No need too, I'm sure you'll do just fine." His voice is in cautious mode now, "Who is it?"

"I meant you and me," Rue clarifies, hands flat at her sides. "This is awkward. It shouldn't be. Something's changed." Regas' question goes unanswered for now. "Would it be easier if I wrote you a note?"

Regas still has his hand on the glass and since it was tightening around it, he finally lets it go before it breaks right here. "I'm no good at this," he steps away and reaches into his inner jacket. Pulling out a packet, he turns around and hands it toward her. "The child needs a name. Now, I'm not asking for anything more. He or she couldn't do any worse." His voice actually cracks. "I don't have a ring. But…frak, you love ships, so this is yours."

Something in Rue suspected, obviously. She doesn't look surprised. At least until he starts reaching into his jacket, then her eyes start to go wide. "I…" Words go bye bye for a few seconds. She takes what he hands her, looking down at it and then up at him. "I don't know what to say, except that I've cared about you for a long time."

Regas would shove his hands in his pockets if he was some pimpled teenager again, but he isn't. So he does the next best thing. The military stance. Hands to the back once more. The paperwork is the deed to the Destiny. "You don't have to answer now. I wouldn't expect you too."

"I'm…" Rue licks her lips and looks down into her hand, then back up at Regas. "I'll think on it." The paper is set down on the desk, her fingers splayed over it almost protectively. "We should have dinner. Tomorrow night? I can see if the cook can make something suitably Leonisian."

Regas probably expected that, but not the next part. His hand moves up to touch the collar of his jacket. "Dinner. That would be nice," now he feels even more awkward. Brain in gear. "I'll be glad to join you for dinner, Savannah." At that point, he's moving. To the hatch. "Thank you for the water and your time."

Rue reaches out to grab at the man's wrist. It's not tight and if he pulls, she'll let go. "This isn't a battle. You don't have to tactically withdraw," she notes softly, a smile touching her face. She says, "Good night, Tarik Regas. You're always welcome. And I'll see you tomorrow evening." Squeezing his hand, she let's it go gently.

Regas doesn't pull his wrist away and it stops him in is tracks. He does a half turn, "I screwed up the first time, I'm lousy at this. I know the fleet and I now war," he release some breath now, "But women…" a hint of a smile and he looks at her, "I never know what they will do next. So I can't plan for it." He returns the half squeeze with the warmth of his hand. "Sleep well."

"You too," Rue says, taking a step back from the door, hands in front of her and clasped. "I haven't dated much… by which I mean at all. In ten years. Don't worry about it so much." Then she goes quiet, watching Regas leave with a smile on her face.

HER? His head pounds. He needs a drink. He calls himself an ass in his head for being so damn stupid and not treating it a little more gently. Spinning the hatch open, he steps out and before he closes it fully, the Guard in the hall is told to stand watch on the CAG's quarters in case she needs anything during the night. The the hatch shuts fully and the Commander is moving off down the corridor.

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