Wrong Turn
Wrong Turn
Summary: The Genesis engineers take the newly-FTL-capable Sula out for a test drive and end up in a bad neighborhood…
Date: 8 BCH
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Sula_337 Support Station PAS - Docking Bay

8 BCH 6735 Souls

The interior of this ship is filled with refridgeration units. Meat, vegetables, dairy products, icecream and so on. There isn't alot of areas to move about and the crew is small, there are ladders up for the bridge and down for engineering.

The docking area on the Support Station is large enough to handle four raptors. Fairly spacious, the area is elongated where the raptors are landing and then pulled down the center landing dock. Off the landing circles, a grated walkway stretches out on either side. From that point, the stairs go up to an open deck that handles the monitoring of shuttles or raptors arriving or leaving.

A bulkhead corridor stretches out from the landing areas toward center of the station and at that point, corridors branch off going in a circle to the inner parts of the station itself. A set of stairs also lead up to the decks above. Aft, a set of large, metal doors sit open for the repairing of shuttles if needed.

Ship has landed. Use +launch to take off or leave to disembark.

Players: Rhea Reighner Lily Genesis
Contents: Wireless 724

A Genesis Raptor pilot, a junior lieutenant, stands near the entrance of the Sula's hatch, leaning against a bulkhead, hands folded behind his back. He looks bored. A leg is bent and pressed against the hull.

Considering everything is on lockdown, this is serious business to the military. But, it can't be helped, the Sula is needed and the FTL's have to be working within the next 18 hours. First test is going to be readied by the ChEng and her crew. Excitement is in the air!

Rhea is going over some schematics, brow furrowed as she reads them. Mechanical drawings and engines with little hand-scrawled notes covering them. It all seems to make sense to her. She nods a little to herself as she goes over them. "Should work…" she murmurs to herself. Still looking furrowed.

Lily has been skulking around the FTL drive corridors through most of the last three or four days. She's no master of the drives themselves, but the electrical and computer finesse that goes with making sure all this works? Piece of cake. With her small handful of minions she's been crawling through the Sula's computer systems, fixing panels and reprogramming the sequences, checking dry test after dry test.

Out in the docking bay, the crew that handles these kinds of things are getting the Sula prepared to undock from the Station. When fuel is involved, it is never an easy business. One wrong move and …toasted crew flambe. Just a small spark. Static electricity on volatile Tyllium makes the job extra dangerous.

The pilot, let's call his surname Ellis, taps the bulkhead impatiently. He pushes off and walks to the narrow stairs leading into the engineering compartment below. "Sir?" he shouts down. "How much longer?"

Rhea knows the drives, so she's thrown herself into this project with enthusiasm. The Sula may not be the sleekest ship, but she's dug her hands into the guts of the refrigeration vessel with zeal. Right now the ChEng is lingering by the hatch, reading over the project drawings again. She looks up, eyeing the crew readying the ship, then looks back to the Raptor pilot. "The prep work is almost finished, Ellis. Relax. You'll get to take her up in no time."

Once the crew is finished fueling, they give the sign that the ship can start undocking as soon as the pilot is ready to head off. Lucky, no flambe today.

"Again!" Lily's voice calls to someone manning the console across from her. Lights flicker across the flat panneling, a complicated string of numbers and code flashing across the screen. The JG's eyes jump left and right, searching the readout for errors until a little green bulb flashes on, its cables hotwired into a section of the FTL drive itself. She looks over at her companion and throws a thumbs-up across the room. "Showtime."

"Sweet," Ellis mumbles to himself. He takes the stairs up to the flight deck, two at a time, and sits himself down at the pilot's seat. Already there is the copilot and a navigation officer. "Alright." Ellis straps himself in and consults his avionics, then activates the intercom. "Ladies and gentlemen from the flight deck. This is your handsome pilot speaking. We will be airborne shortly, please brace for takeoff forces." He looks up and flips the wireless on, mumbling some words through to the PAS flight control.

Genesis takes off.

Genesis flies the ship to Space.

Snatch settles a panel of flooring back into place and latches it shut for the time being, grabbing the handle of the latch with both hands and shifting her body backward to pull it firmly to. She stands with a blank stare toward the fore, then moves aft a few paces to grab at something stationary.

[Sula_337: Genesis] As the Sula takes off from the PAS into space, the comm crackles to life. Alongside, two Raptors make theirselves known along with two Vipers from the CAP. Wings waggle as they let the ship know they are right here.

[Sula_337: Rhea] "Indeed, Lieutenant," Rhea says with a grin at Lily's thumbs-up. She hustles to a power console, leaning over it, her grin crooking as she watches the read-out. "This was a bit of a rush job, but it should hold up just fine. Should be an interesting ride. I've done jury-rig installations before, but each one's a little different ride."

[Sula_337: Lily] "Yes, sir." Lily replies. She's not been too talkative with Rhea as of late, avoiding the Captain when possible. Though now she's stuck on a little ship with her CO, so she makes with the proper responses. She looks over at the minion holding down the opposite panel, tapping her fingers against her lip. "Ready sequence Six-A, that's six-alpha. Spot an error and you call it immediately, PO. On the Captain's go."

[Sula_337: Reighner] Ellis, the pilot, looks out the Sulu's windows to the left and right. He gives their escorts a thumbs up, mumbling, "Alright." He trades a few words with the rest of the flight crew before switching on the intercom. "Engineering, flight. We've cleared the station's gravity well… now, and are go for heroics. You may activate the hyperlight from your controls at your leisure." He flips off the security lockdowns from the cockpit to allow this. Clicking the wireless off, he puts his hands firmly on the flight stick, and takes a deep breath.

[Tac1] The two Raptor pilots square up, giving a thumbs up back to Ellis "Coodinates are in, FTL's are spinning up here. We'll follow your lead."

[Sula_337: Snatch] Mopsus doesn't have much to add to the proceedings, as jumping FTL with the actual enginebits unstowed for inspection is an awful bad plan. If there's anything else she needs to do to it, she'll find it out from what's on fire or not when they come out the jump. She doesn't seem all that concerned, though. She's seen worse slapped together than this that jumped a'right. She keeps her hand up on a handle of a well-placed ladder up one wall, knees loose and ready for a bump or two.

[Sula_337: Reighner] "Hey, you linked up the FTL computers with those birds, didn't you?" Ellis questions his navigator. The navigator shoots back, "No, of course not. I'm actually horrible at my job." Ellis replies, "Frak you. We wind up alone and lost, you're the first person we're killing for food." The copilot snorts and interjects dryly, "You can kill syphilis by cooking, right?" And so their conversation goes.

[Sula_337: Rhea] Rhea shows no sign she's noticed Lily's un-talkative demeanor. Her own manner around the younger engineer has been the same as it ever was. "Keep an eye on the electrical readings, Del Boccyo," she says to Snatch. "We're going to begin spinning up the FTL on my mark, after countdown. If we're going to blow any fuses, I'd like to know quickly." A half-smile is offered to the Petty Officer, before she raises her eyes to Lily. Making sure the lieutenant is ready. "Three…two…one…mark!" And she gets to spinning.

[Sula_337: Lily] Lily signals to her comrade in computer arms. Go go gadget FTL program! The PO staring at her seems to mumble some prayer under his breath as they get cracking, keys entered. Lights start to flash in sequence across the panels, exactly as they had done during the final test before launch.

[Sula_337: Snatch] Mopsus doesn't quite make eye contact with the Captain, but nods an affirmative, licking the outside of a tooth as she lets go of the ladder and comes to grip the console nearby, keeping a watch on the power output, using one hand to key in the codes for each electrical batching as she monitors the systems with a practiced hand. "Ou-ais, Cap'm," she affirms verbally, as well.

[Sula_337: Genesis] Lost, alone and drifting. Wouldn't that be fun. The two viper pilots run the line as the others get ready to jump out. A 'good luck' is heard over the tac.

Once the countdown commences, the three lumbering birds, two raptors and one refridgeration ship go into blink mode. Three bright flashes come across the DRADIS of other ships watching and then the space is empty…

[Sula_337: Reighner] It's hard to keep track of time in a hyperlight jump. Physics suggests it's instantaneous, but to the ship's occupants, it always seems to feel like a finite time. The jump is rough. Very rough. A sickening jolt stabs through the ship's hull during the jump, combining with distant sparks from somewhere unseen. And then they're out into real space. Somewhere.

[Sula_337: Rhea] Rhea is outwardly calm, but there's a light in her eyes as her hands tighten over the console. Excitement. And just a touch of nerves. Always interesting when you could blow an engine in space. She grips the console tightly as they lurch forth, steadying herself as best she can. She doesn't topple, but she gets banged around good. She straightens, taking a deep breath. They're not all on fire. Good, good. "Not exactly as smooth as I would've liked. How'd we come through it?" She addresses the question to all and sundry snipes, checking her own console to see if the engines survived.

[Sula_337: Reighner] The cockpit is a constellation of warning lights and sirens. Blood leaks out from a gash in Ellis's forehead. Looks like his head hit the console. The rest of the flight crew seems to be fine. Ellis slaps the master alarm, silencing all alarms, and gets on the intercom. "Engineering, flight. Gods damn it. Jump complete. Standby." He digs out a first aid kit and shouts to the navigator. "Find out where we are."

The Raptors have no problem reappearing where the coordinates send them. Not so easy for the Sula. Picture an old man trying to get out of a rocking chair on his cane and the shakiness that happens, along with three or four tries of standing up to get steady.

Not only did they not end up with the Raptors, but the Gods only know where the frak they are now. Good going, Navigator!

The Navigator is scrambling. He's on the tac, he's on any comm he can use without giving away their information to the enemy. It's silent though. Silent. Like a tomb. Is this thing even working? He slaps his hand along side the mic. Panic is all over him as a drop of sweat slides down his cheek. "Where are the frakking charts?!"

[Sula_337: Lily] Lily gets thrown against the console she was at, her hip slamming hard into the edge of the panel. Her face tightens but she doesn't cry out, just sucking in air between her teeth. "Run a diagnostic on the CAM drive, and a structural report." she says to the PO across from her, talking quickly and forcefully to keep his attention. She glances up at the fire alarms, which are thankfully silent. "We've got compromised hull, Captain. We're showing loss of pressure in 2, 5, and 8."

Meanwhile…the Raptors are scrambling too at the required jump point for these things. Their long range scans moving as they do. A report going back to the vipers. The Sula did not arrive.

[Sula_337: Snatch] Mopsus bends her knees and tosses the arm she was typing with over the top edge of the console, torso twisted to one side so as not to be holding herself down over the monitor proper, never a good thing to do unless you really want a chest full of burning fibershards and painfulness. Once the jump's finished, she stands up straight again and returns to coursing through the readouts. "One five point five dep rate, point two two eight contac' loss," she reports clearly, having been drilled intensely in slowing down and enunciating when relaying technical data. She's not in the Aerelon shipping yards anymore, not everyone can understand her right off the bat. "No'ne we cain't tide up, Cap'm," she adds, more colloquially.

[Sula_337: Reighner] "Get the motherfrakking grill!" Ellis shouts to his copilot. The pilot shakes his head in distaste as he presses a field dressing against the rapidly-clotting wound on his forehead. Back to the intercom, dripping in sarcasm. "Engineering, flight. Listen, I have a lot more colors on my display than I should. I'd like a damage report, if that's convenient for you." The copilot unstraps himself and jogs back to the navigator's seat to help out.

[Sula_337: Rhea] Rhea kicks the base of her console. Not too hard. She's kicked enough of the things to know the amount of force it takes to break a toe. But she lets the Sula know she's displeased with it. "Frakking can wasn't meant to go from Caprica to Tauron, let alone jump across light years," she mutters. In a louder tone she says, "Understood, Lieutenant. Looks like nothing breached, at least. We're in one piece. If not quite as sturdy a one." She gets on the intercom. "Flight, Engineering. All systems seem to work fine." Bright side. Hell, she's happy the thing works. "I think the engines kicked a bit too hard for the Sula's liking. Our hull integrity got rather shaken. Some of the external panels were lost during the jump, but we weren't breached. Now. Where did that take us?"

Drifting along now. One engine isn't acting like it should. The co-pilot is trying to keep it steady and the Navigator looks like he'd rather dig a hole than have to report to Ellis they are lost. What did he say about getting lost?

There are some nice big chunks of asteroid out there though.

And he did change his car insurance to Geico…

[Sula_337: Lily] Lily's fingers fly across the console, diagrams flashing across her screen of every part of the Sula. "Engine 4's experiencing a timer error…PO, run two surges through the tertiary impulse board. Don't blow it up." She straightens from the console, climbing over a chair that had been broken against the wall to one of the panels on the side, and she yanks it open. Yeah, them's some ugly red lights flashing in there.

<Trait Roll> Rhea rolls Engineering and achieves a degree of Great (5).

<Trait Roll> Lily rolls Electronics and achieves a degree of Mediocre (2).

<Trait Roll> Lily rolls Damage_control and achieves a degree of Great (5).

[Sula_337: Genesis] Lucky for the girl, those wires are zapping and the flashing red lights are a scary thing. She does have good damage control though and manages to get the thing from knocking her on her butt.

[Sula_337: Reighner] An ominous shadow crosses the dashboard. Ellis leans forward and looks up at the asteroid floating uncomfortably close by. He promptly drops the field dressing. He shouts over his shoulder at the copilot, "Get your ass back here. Turn on the active sensors, we have a problem." Through the intercom, he says, "We're still working on that, engineering. Listen, uhh, while we're talking, we're having some asteroid-related trouble, in that we are close by to many. Engine four is sluggish. I'd strongly appreciate it if we had it working."

[Sula_337: Genesis] That isn't the only Ominous Shadow <tm>. As soon as that big rock passes with just a nice 'squeal of metal to stone' another one is dead ahead. It looks like someone chopped up an old moon in eight pieces of pie shapes. A glint of metal is beyond the huge triangular object.

[Sula_337: Lily] Lily snatches her hand back as something threatens to electrocute her, sparks flying at her scarred face. "Oh, eat me," she mutters under her breath, and dives back in. It's not stopping her from trying to slap this engine back into shape, as she searches quickly for the error in the system. "Give me another pulse!"

[Sula_337: Snatch] "Ou-ais, LT," the PO replies, and steps back from her post, beckoning over another snipe to keep an eye on the electricity depletion and generation levels while she hustles back to unclamp the big floorslabs above the workin's to the fourth engine, switching on the safeties and opening a workcase before hauling up the huge slab and leaning in, introducing the pulse into the system for the LT to trck.

[Sula_337: Rhea] "Working on, Flight!" Rhea barks into the intercom, jabbing at the engine controls. Not exactly slapping them, but she's very firm. Work, damn you. And they do. "Got it. I should be able to keep them juiced…" She stops her intercom chatter abruptly at the squealing. "What the frak was that, Flight?"

[Sula_337: Snatch] Snatch introduces the second charge into the system when Lily calls for it, licking the corner of her mouth and stealing down into the safety-locked engine nook, using a pointer light to check the points quickly for anything noticably askew.

[Sula_337: Reighner] The copilot groans as the asteroid scrapes by the ship. He clicks on the DRADIS, which fills with hundreds to thousands of rock contacts, and concludes, "We're clear right below us." Ellis grits his teeth and throws the Sula in as fast a dive as she can manage. "Engineering, that was the asteroid-related trouble. Uhh… standby."

[Sula_337: Genesis] The Navigator finally looks like he has something, which he hopes works. "I think we missed our jump because of the controls. It switched us one point. I can work them with a manual feed in." He's muttering, probably praying.

[Sula_337: Lily] The lights on Lily's panel finally turn green down the row as Snatch puts another pulse through the system, blink blink blink. No horrid beeps. She exhales tensely, turning around and thumbs-up'ing to Snatch. "She's go!" And to Rhea, "Engine four, back online sir."

[Sula_337: Rhea] "Standing by," Rhea comms. Audibly annoyed. She braces herself against the power console again. She looks to Lily and Snatch. Cracking a half-smile at the younger snipes. "Nicely done. Got it. Flight." She bites back on the intercom. "Engine four is back online. Need a hand with your nav computer?" She's not deeply instilled with confidence, from what she's hearing up there.

[Sula_337: Snatch] Snatch hups and draws herself out of the engine nook, setting the charge emitter and pointer light back in their fitted slots in the workcase, then standing to lower the floorslab back over the engine and lock it into place, unlocking the safeties, "Onlahn an' go, Cap'm," she agrees, heading back to the electricals console and holding on, beginning to prioritize wiring repairs.

[Sula_337: Lily] Lily climbs back over some debris after shutting the panel and latching it. She raises both brows at what she can hear from the navigator, her short nose making a subtle wrinkle. Turning back to the computer panels she sets her fingers down, bringing her attention back to them.

[Sula_337: Reighner] "Well hot damn, that sounds like something you should do," Ellis throws over his shoulder. If they get through this, the navigator is going to get seriously pranked on. The DRADIS flashes with an additional contact, which is immediately reported by the co-pilot. "New contact, designate contact as unknown one. Metallic, probably a ship." Ellis asks, "Colonial?" The co-pilot's breath catches as he analyzes the contact returns. "Gods, it's a base-star. Redesignate contact Cylon Basestar." Ellis's eyes go wide and he activates the intercom. There's no sarcasm this time, just shouting. "Engineering, flight, Cylon Basestar danger close! I need the FTL spun up! Fast as possible!" He shouts to the co-pilot, "Disengage active sensors!" Then repeats to the navigator, with urgency, "That sounds like something you should do!"
[Sula_337: Genesis] As luck would have it, the smaller ship manages to keep from gaining contact as it moves about the large pieces of moon that has been shattered into pieces. That is definately a brand, spanking new-type of Cylon basestar. It's kinda perty in a deadly sort of way. Large pointy objects, a couple hundred bays for raiders to launch from.

It also seems to be hovering over some platform. Below in that platform, which is attached to a station being built. Not fully operable, but they are making headway. Tyllium tanks are set up.

[Sula_337: Rhea] Rhea doesn't swear. Swearing is for the fun sort of frustration. This is deadly serious. She gets right on the engines, ramping them up as quick as she can. "Flight, Engineering spinning. Prepping the FTL. Lieutenant!" She barks at Lily. "Can the Sula's hull take another jump?"

[Sula_337: Lily] Lily's heart is pounding, but she can still hear Rhea. In between thumpity thumps. Her fingers zoom across the keys, a diagnostics scan coming up on the screen with some sectors highlighted red and some green. More green than red, though it still makes Lily purse her lips. "Integrity's borderline, sir. Engines are online and go for jump." The question is, will they be alive after it?

[Sula_337: Snatch] A Cylon what-now? Mopsus has suddenly no notion what to do with herself, looking from the Captain to the console to the fore of the ship as her mind races to catch up with the situation, having been stuck on that simple initial question. She remembers to breathe, first, then to route a few simple patches through the electronics keyboard based on what happened to the wiring last jump.

[Sula_337: Reighner] Ellis squints in the distance at the Cylon objects. "Did they see us? Did they?" The co-pilot looks up from the now-dark DRADIS screen. He also tries to make out the objects. With smooth efficiency, he clicks a few buttons and takes a picture. The navigator, around the same time, mutters tensely, "I have the jump plot." Ellis starts feverently looking out through the cockpit. Without active sensors, the Cylons will have a lesser chance of detecting them, but they won't be able to see those asteroids. "Gods, I hope we get through this."

[Sula_337: Rhea] Rhea holds her breath. Borderline? Well, still better than being blown up by Cylons. "Trust in your ship, Lieutenant. They've got a will to live of their own. She'll carry us through." She manages to *sound* somewhat confident about that. If nothing else, she's a good faker. Scow that the Sula is, it's her scow now. "Watch those wires, PO. Ready damage controls!" she hollers to Snatch. Giving her something to do. "We may need them. Flight. FTL ready. Three…two…one…jump!" Bright lights. Hopefully just from the engines, and not the Great Beyond.

[Sula_337: Genesis] It seems, that the Sula manages to make it back. Perhaps not perfectly, but the sight of the rest of the fleet must be a big relief for those inside. Comm chatter picks up, questions firing off and reporting in that they have arrived. Whew!

[Sula_337: Lily] Lily ducks back as something sparks right next to her, waving her hand in the air to clear the puff of smoke away. "Ugh." She coughs, tapping on her screen to bring up the ship's diagrams. Phew, those hull lights are a-flashin away! "Damage report." The question's called out to Snatch and the other PO.

[Sula_337: Snatch] Snatch chews on her tongue a little, poking it into the inside of her cheek as she scans the numbers from the readouts each in turn. "One two point six dep—-" she pauses, mid-report, clattering on one key on the keyboard a few times to refresh the numbers, "Two point six zero contac' loss," she adds, voice elevated, somewhat startled by the high level. "Systems holdin'," she adds, shaking her head and then turning to call to another snipe to head up to the second tier lateral junction and contain it.

[Sula_337: Reighner] No more blood this time. The navigator checks the computer, but there's no mistaking it. He reports, with restrained enthusiasm, "We're back." Ellis sucks in a sharp breath and looks up at the ceiling. He mumbles, "Take the stick." The co-pilot grins and starts docking negotiations with flight control. Slowly, the Sula approaches the PAS station. Ellis reports through the intercom, distinctly less stressed, "Engineering, this is the flight deck. Jump complete. We're back with the fleet. Thank the motherfrakkin' gods. Standby for docking." Eventually, the Sula connects with the PAS. All is well.

[Sula_337: Rhea] Rhea closes her eyes. Part of her is bracing for what it feels like to meet ruptured hull plating and cold space simultaneously. Its the sparking that lets her know they've made it. She lurches back, ducking under the console to make the flickering stop. Sagging against the thing when she's done, letting out a long sigh of relief. Not being dead is good. "Excellent work, snipes," she says. She pushes herself upright and gets back on the intercom. "Flight. Good to hear. Looking thoroughly forward to docking."

[Sula_337: Lily] Lily keeps herself focused on Snatch's report, one of her hands gripping the control panel so tightly that her knuckles are white. "Okay. We're okay." Pheeeeeeew. "We'll get the…we'll get the hull repaired tonight and systems back online. Won't take long."

[Sula_337: Reighner] Ellis reaches up and flips seemingly hundreds of switches to the off position. Whirring-down sounds are heard. "Engineering, flight deck. Powering down controls, surrendering all systems to you. We show positive voltage and hard seal from the station. Good flying with you, hope to never do it again. Flight deck offline." The flight crew joke amongst themselves as they free their straps and depart from the ship, as if nothing had happened, leaving the bloody dressing and an open first aid kit in the cockpit.

Snatch keeps her eye on the readouts, though with less terror than before, her mouth open, the snipe still panting shallowly, not even looking up at the compliment from the Captain as she continues to go after failing systems.

"Very good, Stephanos," Rhea says, straightening. Running an almost loving hand across the Sula's console. Good girl. You didn't kill us all. "I'll lend a hand once I cobble together…some sort of report to command." She looks daunted at the task of trying to make it coherent. To Ellis she simply says into the intercom, "Received, Flight. The feeling is mutual, I assure you."

"Yes, sir." Lily's finally let go of the panel. It takes a second to be able to straighten her fingers again, and she flexes her hand as she gets up.

Reighner has left.

Snatch keeps her eyes deadlocked on the console. It's a subtle shift from the usual tactics the Captain's seen from her snipe in the past, but one of potential import. Back in the days of BCH, she'd treat the systems underhand as a sort of partner in a co-operative endeavor, gentle and almost empathic. Now she attacks the systems as they falter, eyeing the failures like the enemy across a battlefield, sizing them up with a look edging on hate as she cuts each off at the pass.

"I'll be in the offices on the station if you need me," Rhea says. "I can file a report as easily from here as from Genny. And I'd like to look in on the Sprocket." She heads out. Pausing to reach out and clasp Lily's shoulder as she passes. She's a tactile sort anyhow, near-death aside. "I'll relay a message to have some of the third-shift techs sent to relieve you here in an hour. I think you've all earned some rest." She watches Snatch quietly. A little sadly. Is that what all of them are going to look like now?

Lily starts when Rhea touches her. CYLO-…er no wait, just the Captain. It's been a high-strung sort of evening. "Yes, sir, thank you." She ducks back from Rhea's touch, scratching a hand through her hair as she surveys the control room. To the other PO she says quietly. "Get some mechanics over here, let's get this tin can scrubbed up." Then she too looks at Snatch for a few seconds, then turns away to her work.

Snatch finally gets as much tied up at the console as is possible, and nods to another snipe to take over looking over the data while she heads off to get her hands dirty mangling some of the wiring back into working order. She doesn't talk to anyone she doesn't have to, and eye contact is even less frequent.

"Carry on, Lieutenant," Rhea says to Lily simply. Not sucking her brains out or anything. Perhaps another night. She strides on, though she does pause again as she passes Snatch. "How's doing, Del Boccyo?" she asks, kneeling down to get a better look at both the wire and the tech.

Lily taps a few keys and stands up once she's looked over the readout. She frowns, looking over all the damage spots, and exhales quietly through her nose. Leaving Snatch and Rhea in peace, she heads up to the hangar deck to meet the incoming mechanics.

Lily has left.

Snatch shuts her open mouth and swallows, snorting a little to clear some phlegm from her nasal passages. Otherwise her eyes remain focused on the wiring she's working on, and she replies, "Fahn, Cap'm. We'ns gennin' 'is 'ere canott up agin not… four, five ahrn?"

"Good," Rhea says with a short nod. She pauses for a moment. Kind of fumbling. She's still reeling from this whole war thing. "PO…if you need to talk to someone…Lieutenant Sloan is a good ear. Or Chaplain Karthasi, if you're in for more of a spiritual bent. Or…well. You know where I am most of the time."

Snatch hocks some more, drawing back away from the wiring as the Captain fumbles and spitting on an unassuming bit of deck in the least ladylike way possible (that's why the Gods made swabbies, right?). She almost sounds to be fighting off the first hints of a cold. She leans back to the wiring and continues to work it, though her hands still themselves as the Captain continues to speak, coming to a complete halt and then moving down to rest on her thighs as she finally gives a look upward, meeting Rhea's eyes with her own, the dead, dull mask of her gaze cracking a little to show a world of hurt underneath as she sort of vaguely nods.

Rhea looks like her first instinct is to hug the petty officer. But she doesn't. She just offers the younger woman a little nod. Her own eyes are very tired and uncertain, the adrenaline fading now. She blinks. Straightening. Work to do, still. She clears her throat. "Carry on, PO. I'll…I'll see that you all can get some rest soon." And she departs.

Snatch's eyes turn to steel again as she moves her attention back toward the wiring, not trusting herself to say anything without her voice cracking, and so saying nothing, but jerking her chin downward in a perfunctory acknowledgment of the Captain's words.

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