Yes, Sir
Yes, Sir
Summary: Regas speaks to Shem about Pepper
Date: 49 ACH - 1/1/2009
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Commanding Officers Quarters Genesis - Deck 12
49 ACH 6285 Souls

The CO's quarters are rather expansive. A large desk, small seating area, head and sleeping quarters are kept neat and tidy.
----< Condition Three - Duty Area >----—-
Contents: Regas Wireless 1300

Exits: [O] Corridor

Shem has arrived.

Regas is standing behind his desk tossing folders from one box to another. It's how he delegates. Suprisingly enough, one doesn't exactly say 'Pepper Pick-Up' even if it is. He's casually waiting after making the page for a certain S2.

Shem arrives from the corridor. He takes a few steps to the front of his desk and salutes. "Sir, Lieutenant Shem reporting for as ordered."

Regas glances up, returns the salute, "Afternoon, Lieutenant. I've called you in here for a couple reasons and I'll get right down to it." He eyes the younger man with a skeptical glint, "As the intelligence Officer on this ship, I'll assume that means you require intelligence to do the job."

"Yes, sir," Shem answers easily. He lowers the salute and stands at attention.

[Intercom] Capt. Reighner to Chief Medical Officer's Office. Capt. Reighner to CMO's office.

"Then you should clearly have noticed that my Aide, Ensign Peters," which Regas points out by stating the name, "Does not have a 'Will work for food' sign around her neck." He flops another folder into the basket. "I hope we have an understanding on this."

There's a small pause, but Shem answers, "Yes, sir."

"My aide can be quite…impressionable, for lack of a better word. I expect all my Senior and Junior Officers to respect this," Regas still eyes the LT, like he is some admirer and has to go through inspection from the Dad. "Good. Now, she spoke of someone marine who offered to help her with 'hands on' which she took to mean as some art class in sculpting. I have a different version of it in my head. I would consider it a favor if you sought this marine out and let him know, it was bad form. (It is probably an NPC)."

"Yes, sir," Shem replies. "Do you know who it is, sir?"

Regas merely smiles, "No. But that is your job to find out things. She merely mentioned it and was quite confused at why I disliked the idea of someone teaching her hands on after hours." His features release some tension, "IF you get my meaning."

Shem nods. "Yes, sir."

"Excellent, I'm glad we are on the same page," Regas nods, tucking his own hands behind his back. "See that there is a good amount of security today on the Carina as well. If you have nothing, then you are dismissed."

Shem ventures, "Well, sir, could I talk freely about Ensign Pepper?"

Regas raises a brow and then simply nods in return without opening his mouth to say anything.

"The ensign was able to figure out my schedule second-hand, just from conversations she's heard in passing, sir," Shem replies. "I tested her at the obs deck. Just by a glance and with five or so minutes between, she was able to recall how many bottles and how full the bar was. And she was aware of who was in the vicinity and what they were talking about, by no visible effort on her part."

"Yes, Lieutenant, I'm well aware of her capabilities. Testing her, did not make me too happy, but, go on," Regas moves his hand for the continuation.

Shem nods. "A large part of intelligence work is observation, sir. Somebody with her talents, that's a straight shoot to the eye-corps." He pauses. "The ensign has talent, sir, and it's talent that could be very useful in future ops. She had your interests first all the time, sir. She said if she wasn't doing tasks for you or the colonel, she'd be interested."

Regas takes in a very deep breath and then lets it out slowly, "I realize her aptitude of observation is quite unique. But, Pepper was raised as a young lady. Place it in the debutant slot, if that is easier. She is not only my aide, but my ward. I knew her family well. I don't feel that Marine Country is a good place for her to be."

"I understand, sir," Shem replies. "But please consider it. We're in hard times, and what the ensign's got is one of a kind." He pauses. "I think if you gave her a chance, sir. I can assign my acting Sheriff to keep an eye on her if whenever she's down there."

That seems to make the Commander bristle, but it is only briefly and passes within a blink of an eye. "I don't think that is a good idea," he lets out, very slowly. "As I have been told, the Sheriff is rather 'different', which is putting it mildly. She may work fine for shoving marines around and arresting them, but I don't want to see Pepper learning things in that vein." He pauses then, and it looks like he is having a time with whatever he is thinking at the moment. He'll get grey hairs over this, he just knows it. "However, if …you…and she…feel that it may be something she can learn to do," another pause, "I will allow it, but not on those decks. It will be on her free time." Now, he leans in, hands on his desk, "But I will warn you right now, Lieutenant. She is your responsibility the entire time you are together. One wrong move, and you will be shoveling reclamation materials for the rest of your life as a Private."

Shem nods, understandably. "Yes, sir."

"Dismissed, Lieutenant," Regas straightens now.

Shem salutes again, spins on his heel, and marches out.

Regas watches him go, shaking his head slightly.

Shem leaves for Corridor 12E [O].
Shem has left.

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