Major Jesse Zaharis
Ron Livingston
Ron Livingston as Jesse Zaharis
Name: Jesse Zaharis
Callsign: Ain't No Damn Pilot. Dammit.
AKA: None
Age: 36
Branch: Navy
Faction: Military
Organization: {$organization}
Department: Medical
Position: Chief Medical Officer
Rank: Major
Ship: Genesis
Homeworld: Scorpia
Actor: Ron Livingston

Biographical Stuff


Major Zaharis is the Chief Medical Officer, assigned to the ship from the Battlestar Odyssey six months before everything went to hell. He oversees the medical effort on the battlestar, the Pandora, the civilian ship Carina, and the new addition to the Fleet - the Hera. His run had a few hitches in the beginning, but the CMO quickly built a good reputation for himself in Sickbay. Though friendly to most crew, he nonetheless can be abrasive with his careless swearing and a temper that pops up from time to time - etiquette has never been a strong point. Despite the rough edges, a sharp mind has carried him far and made him some unlikely friends among the geek population wherever he goes. He has come to strike many people as evasive when it comes to talking about himself, having been that way long before the cylons attacked, but is quite social and will nearly always listen to someone who needs it.


  • Multitasking.
  • Delegating.
  • Tolerating ridiculous levels of alcohol.
  • Irritating the pilots.

Distinguishing Features

  • Big brown eyes. He's been told they're "adorable", and hates the label.
  • Tattoos: When wearing his brown tank top, a black tattoo is visible on his right arm and shoulder. The text reads: Astra inclinant, non necessitant

Other Stuff

Pre IC History

Family & Childhood


Born into poverty on Scorpia, Jesse was abandoned at age six by a woman he barely remembers. He spent his childhood as a ward of the Scorpia system, being shuttled from orphanage to foster homes and back, quickly learning not to get attached to his caregivers or their other children. Despite the rough start, a tendency to pick fights, and a long list of "behavioural issues" that he racked up as a teenager, he finished high school early. With no interest in joining the ranks of Scorpia's dockside shipbuilders, Jesse did the first thing he could think of to get away from fate - he joined the military. His high test scores and aptitude for the sciences didn't go unnoticed by the Fleet, and he was informed after two tours of enlisted duty that they were selecting him for the Fleet Academy on Picon.

Officer training was an exercise in culture clash for Jesse, suddenly surrounding him with fresh-faced college kids with their family name's reputations and daddy's money to throw around. He fit in nowhere, but if anything that made him work harder to prove himself to the fleet - when he wasn't causing them a giant headache.

He's told no-one much about his life, besides some funny stories about his friendship with ChEng Rhea Zimmermann and her husband, Ephraim, who he's known for over ten years.

He had a six-year-old daughter on Picon, named Diana. One digital photograph is all he has left of her.




In trade for what Jesse would later term "selling his soul for paygrade", the Colonial fleet put up every cent of his medical training. His specialty was internal medicine with a subspecialty in infectious diseases. After graduating he continued study in immunology, his interest lying more heavily in the body's response to disease than in studying diseases themselves. He acquired a solid reputation in his field after a groundbreaking paper on inhibiting IL-2 in activated T cells post-organ transplants. Medicine remains a strong love - even swamped with administrative duties he continues to find time to be a "real doctor". Though his name's appeared on several research projects, it's not his focus. Working with patients takes precedence.

Military Service

  • Previous Assignments:

- 193rd Enlisted Medical Battalion - Rallin Naval Base (Picon)
- Staff internist - Acastus Naval Base (Picon)
- Staff internist - The Pioneer (Lunar Class LCV)
- Sickbay XO - Battlestar Odyssey
- Chief Medical Officer - Battlestar Genesis

On the Grid


  • 6 months BCH - Transferred to the Battlestar Genesis from the Odyssey.
  • 9 ACH - Promoted to Major by Colonel Tarik Regas.


  • Old music.
  • Hot sauce.
  • Medical geeks.

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